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Artistic impression of Brickdam circa 1900s.

Did you know that Brickdam was the first paved street in Georgetown?

Constructed by French colonizers during the 1930s, the street acquired the name ‘Brickdam’ due to the fact that it was initially paved with clay bricks through its entirety. Upper Brickdam was notably once lined by palm trees, planted by Mr. Richard Jones.

Today, Brickdam remains one of the most important streets for the city of Georgetown, connecting major streets such as Camp Street, Vlissengen Road and High Street, and giving access to our acclaimed Stabroek Market, and being a home to various government and private institutions.


Haphazard parking, traffic congestion and a changing building façade continue to subtract from the historical and aesthetic strengths of Brickdam, rendering it a complicated street to navigate for most users. Unanimously, these realities provoke a common thought - “How do we enhance the functional, aesthetic and historic appeal of Brickdam?” given the challenges Georgetown faces with modern-day development practices.

Keep reading to learn more about the Brickdam Street Enhancement Action Plan.

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Read about the vision for a manicured street that celebrates the pedestrian.

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