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The Brickdam Street enhancement project is envisaged as being a catalyst for the overall beautification and functional revitalization of streets throughout Greater Georgetown.

Spearheaded by the Central Housing and Planning Authority, this project is being realized through a collaborative approach among existing stakeholders who have a vested interest in this street; viz., existing commercial, institutional and residential development along Brickdam.

Particularly important to this project are the experiences of persons who interface daily with this street e.g. pedestrians and motorists. In understanding and appreciating the realities of present day Brickdam, this project will ultimately highlight issues related to its usage, and provide coordinated solutions that address these issues.

The project seeks to embrace the planning policies and development principles set out in the Greater Georgetown Development Plan, in relation to Brickdam as a designated Conservation Area.

Overall, the objectives of this project are:-

1.       To create a unique street identity i.e. a regularized street section (street edge) underpinned by enforced standardized site development policies.

2.       To realize Brickdam’s safe and all inclusive usage (by pedestrians and motorists) by enhancing its functionality:-

o   balancing pedestrian and vehicular movement

o   absolving parking, traffic congestion and circulation issues

3.       To preserve remnants of Brickdam’s rich historical past

4.       To celebrate Brickdam’s potential as a thriving commercial/institutional area.

Such a project can only be realized through a Public Private Partnership approach; successful implementation therefore depends on the cooperation of all stakeholders – residents, businesspersons, property owners, institutional and regulatory bodies.


Project Proposals

A coordinated approach to guide proposal and policy development and further implementation, is being undertaken for this initiative. The CH&PA, in collaboration with key government agencies and private sector representatives, has begun to identify suitable policies and designs, all relevant to meeting the objectives of this Action Plan. Based on a shared vision for Brickdam’s enhancement (supported by existing realities/issues that affect its daily usage) five (5) focus areas have been identified; through which a number of development interventions can be realized.

pdf-icon Brickdam Streetscape Action Plan: Proposals

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