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Minister Valerie Adams-Patterson-Yearwood announced recently in Kwakwani that government is exploring building low-cost homes in the community.

The announcement, made during a Central Housing and Planning Authority outreach was welcomed by residents of the riverain Region 10 community.

“If you (residents) are interested in the government building 40 or 50 low-cost homes please let us know because it is something (government) wishes to explore,” Minister Adams-Patterson-Yearwood told residents.

She explained that the process will need to be done through a commercial bank to which persons would need to access loans. Minister Adams-Patterson-Yearwood said while the ministry is desirous of building low-cost homes, the input of the residents would be crucial for the process to move forward.

One of Central Housing & Planning Authority (CH&PA) team members assisting with an Ituni resident.

Addressing other pressing housing matters, the Minister was updated that some areas in Kwakwani were not surveyed, preventing persons from accessing titles or transports to lands that they had purchased.

The issue of squatters was also broached. It was agreed that while residents are not calling for the removal of the squatters, they are requesting the assistance of the ministry in regularising the squatting areas.

Residents of an area referred to as ‘The Camp’ called for decent and affordable housing while others preferred that the structures be torn down. The Minister assured the gathering that the structures will be torn down but only after alternative accommodations are provided.

Central Housing & Planning Authority (CH&PA) team members recording the information provided by a Ituni resident.

Regularisation, processing of titles, surveys, and processing of applications were among some of the issues dealt with during the two-day outreach which also visited Ituni.

During the Ituni leg, Minister Patterson-Yearwood and her team also dealt with land title issues and persons who are in need of housing along with others awaiting land title confirmation.

Minister Adams-Patterson-Yearwood was accompanied by Operations Director Denise King-Tudor, Director of Community Development, Gladwyn Charles and other top CH&PA officials.

The outreach was conducted on Sunday and Monday last.

Some of the Kwakwani residents waiting to be assisted by the Central Housing & Planning Authority (CH&PA) team.

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