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Minister of Housing and Water, Irfaan Ali, yesterday visited work sites of projects undertaken by the Ministry and met with residents to get their feedback on housing issues.

The Minister reiterated Government’s zero tolerance on squatting, especially on drainage and sea defence reserves. He disclosed that the Ministry has allocated a total of 9,000 house lots in Region Six thus far, while $1.2 B is slated to be spent in the sector in 2010.


The Ministry is seeking to expand and regularize more areas. This will see new 460 new lots in Ordinance Fortlands at the cost of $260M, 220 lots in Area R Ankerville, Port Mourant at the cost of $123M, 700 lots in Block 5, Ankerville, Port Mourant at the cost of $362M and 200 lots in No. 76 Village at the cost of $260M. Additionally, the Ministry will be upgrading, constructing and installing roads, drainage structures, water and electricity in these areas.

An investigation carried out by the Ministry, revealed that almost 230 lots in Region Six are eligible for repossession as a result of the delay in its utilization.

The Ministry has also constructed an internal road network in the schemes. At No. 77 Village 11.5 Km of road has been constructed at the cost of $85M, while $52M was spent on a 3.1 Km stretch of road in Ordinance Fortlands.

Minister Ali emphasized the importance of feedback and cooperation in the development of the housing and water sector in Region Six.

The ministry has developed a 10-year strategy to increase access to safe water for 90% of the country's population. The strategy will also help to strengthen the water and sewerage sectors. The entity is currently acquiring new infrastructure, working on distribution networks and consolidating existing capital investment.

In recent years, the administration has been investing huge sums to upgrade and improve every aspect of the sector in its drive to enhance the lives of Guyanese.

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