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- selection exercise for Onderneeming Housing Scheme

In keeping with its mandate to ensure the continuity of an institution that is reliable, competent and transparent, the Ministry of Housing and Water today afforded many more persons the opportunity to have access to their own homes.

Approximately 436 applicants who were approved for allocation were invited to the Ministry of Housing and Water, Brickdam to select their lot numbers by way of lottery for Phase Two of the Onderneeming Housing Scheme within Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara, Region Three.


The selection of lots for the housing scheme will be conducted for two-days (December 10 to 11). The allocation of the lots is part of the Ministry’s ongoing ‘One Stop Shop’ initiative to reduce transaction time in processing housing applications and allocations.

Minister of Housing and Water Irfaan Ali while addressing the allottees noted the importance of persons securing their own home.

“If you were to carefully work out the economics of moving expeditiously to building your homes by multiplying the amount of money you would have been paying on house rent every month, the investment would have been lost to the land lord…if you are to take that rent money and move towards the construction of your own home, within four to five months your home would be completed and you would be paying back the bank the same rate for rental.”

The Housing Minister urged the applicants that as they move towards realizing their dreams they should build homes that they can afford to avoid the burden of having huge loans to repay.

Onderneeming Phase Two has 1029 lots of which 580 will be allocated in the first phase. The lots for the first phase are low-income, sold at a cost of $92,000.

An investment of $400M, the Minister said was expended in the housing scheme for the construction of roads, drains and structures and pure water distribution network. A further $80M will be spent in 2010 for the installation of electricity. Approximately 2500 people will benefit from these investments.

He noted however that his Ministry cannot afford to install electricity in the scheme since it has not been fully occupied and encouraged them to occupy the lots so that they can benefit from electricity supply.

“We need occupancy level; it makes no sense for us to put in electricity and we do not have the occupancy level so the faster you build the faster you are going to push us to get this done. We are hoping to get this done by 2010,” Minister Ali stated.  

Alluding to the targets set by his Ministry for this year in processing 2,500 application and titles, he said that more than 10,000 interviews were conducted and completed in which the allocation department exceeded its target by almost 100 percent.

“I am happy that they (staff) have been able to deliver the services through their work and through your patience we are able to bring this service to you,” he said.

To further advance the housing sector, Minister Ali said that the Ministry will be moving forward with new developments for the Tuschen and Zeelugt housing schemes, Region Three and will be expanding Non-Pariel Housing Scheme, East Coast Demerara which will come on stream in 2010.

Land Development and Administrative Manager, Denise King-Tudor told the applicants the service provided by the ministry is an opportunity, not only to have access to a houselot, but to construct a home that they can dwell in with their families.

Tudor also used the opportunity to enlighten them about the final ‘One Stop Shop’ which will conclude on December 14 where the Ministry will be looking at applicants for the Diamond Housing Scheme.

“My encouragement to everyone is that you will take this opportunity and make use of it and….construct your buildings within a short space of time,” Tudor urged.

During today’s exercise allottees were also provided the opportunity to interact with Citizens Bank, Managing Director, Eton Chester who informed them about various services offered by the bank.

A similar exercise was conducted on December 4 which saw over 100 more allottees having access to a house lot and title for the Non-Pariel Housing Scheme, East Coast Demerara.

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