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an online permit application system for submitting land use and development applications.

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Single Window - Workflows

There are 2 primary workflows for applications in Single Window system. They are:

Pre-Consult Applications

Allowing applicants to submit their ideas to CH&PA, getting feedback before submitting a full application.

Full Applications

A full application process that will result in full review by all necessary parties (CH&PA + Partner Agencies), and be recorded as Approved or Rejected at the end of the process.

Pre-Application Consultation Workflow

Full Application Workflow

Single Window - Roles

There are numerous roles identified to perform the various tasks specified in these workflows. Your account will be designated with one of these roles.

Roles include:

ApplicantIndependentPerson submitting an application
CashierCH&PAReceives payments made in person
Secretary AssistantCH&PAAdministrative assistant to the Secretary
SecretaryCH&PADocument validation, facilitation of applications before the board, and issuance of final notices / permits to the applicant
PlannerCH&PALocation analysis, policy assignment, and planning recommendation
Planning SupervisorCH&PALocation analysis, policy assignment, planning recommendation, and workload distribution
Planning ManagementCH&PASenior planning oversight, escalation response
InspectorCH&PASite inspection, partner agency response review, and final report preparation
Facilitation SupervisorCH&PASite inspection, partner agency response review, final report preparation, and workload distribution
Facilitation ManagementCH&PASenior facilitation oversight, escalation response
ExecutiveCH&PAExecutive oversight
Partner Agency RepresentativePartner AgencyReceipt of applications, and returning responses from their agency. Note that there can be as many as 16 partner agencies participating in a single application.

They are as follows, as specified in Legislation:

• The Local Authority (Neighbourhood Democratic Councils in association with the Ministry of Local Government
• Local Authorities (inclusive of all Municipalities)
• The Central Board of Health
• Ministry of Public Works
• River and Sea Defence
• Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission
• Environmental Protection Agency
• Guyana Fire Service
• Guyana Civil Aviation Authority
• National Trust of Guyana
• Guyana Office for Investment (GO-INVEST)
• Land Registry
• Deeds Registry
• Guyana Water Incorporated
• Maritime Administration Department
• Guyana Forestry Commission
Board MemberCH&PAFinal approval or rejection
Board ChairCH&PAFinal approval or rejection
Tribunal OfficialIndependentRepresentative of the tribunal to coordinate appeals for review, and entering the tribunal’s decision

Single Window - Your Interface

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